Behind-The-Ear-Styles (BTE)

If you have severe hearing loss, or if your ear canals are very small, Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing instruments may be the choice for you.

These devices sit comfortably behind your ear and transmit sound through a tube to either a custom earmold that sits inside your ear, or to a dome that rests at your ear canal.

Behind-the-Ear Features:

  • Available in super power, standard, mini, or micro sizes
  • All components contained in a case worn behind the ear
  • Sound directed into the ear canal through through tubing and earmold
    or thin tube and dome
  • Can be fit with standard domes or custom earmolds
  • May be slightly visible when worn
  • For mild to severe hearing losses
  • Variety of color options available

Products featuring BTE models:

yet so powerful
Sonic has BTE devices to fit a range of looks, lifestyles, and hearing needs.

Bliss miniBTE

*Also available in Charm

Charm BTE

*Also available in Bliss

ion microBTE

Endura Super Power BTE

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