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Your world is full of cell phones, television, digital music, PCs, and more.
Sonic products* help you connect to all of life’s conveniences with these accessories.

Many Sonic products come ready to connect to the entertainment and communication devices you use every day. Using SoundGate, audio from nearly any digital source streams directly into your hearing aid—it’s almost like having personal speakers for
your ears.

With these optional Sonic accessories, connecting to your world has never sounded better.

This device connects hearing aids to Bluetooth® devices like mobile phones, music players, PCs and more.

TV Adapter
Transmits TV sounds via SoundGate directly to your hearing aids.

Phone Adapter
Allows you to accept calls from your landline phone.

*Bliss, Charm, and Flip products offer Connectivity features; see product specifications for details.

Using daily devices
Stay connected to your mobile phone, TV, music and more with Sonic accessories.

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