CEMIA - Simply satisfied in every respect.

Enjoy exclusive technology and unadulterated comfort.

Simply better hearing – nothing more and nothing less. The new CEMIA by HANSATON combines exclusive technology with unadulterated comfort, all packed into the most attractive housing from the Hamburg-based hearing system manufacturer.
Whether one of the intricately handcrafted In-the-Ear versions, the award-winning Mini and X-Mini housings, the new Slim, or the high-performance Power –  your first choice will always be your best choice.

CEMIA by HANSATON: the hearing system range offering optimal value for money and available in five desirable designs.

  • Individually tailored and virtually invisible: CEMIA ITE hearing systems.

  • Small yet classy - CEMIA Mini – a stylish look in eight different color combinations.

  • For special requirements: the new CEMIA Power hearing systems.

Hansaton CEMIA
The most powerful CIC enough to cover 100dB profound hearing loss

  • Digital manufacturing using an Express Service
  • Anti-cerumen concept to protect our highly sensitive technology
  • Suitable for everything ranging from mild to profound hearing losses

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