Super Power mini BTE for profound hearing

Venture into any environment with the power of Journey. with the muscle of Sonic's Speech Variable Processing platform, the Journey Super Power BTE is featured to deliver confidence, connectivity, as well as convenience. Send your patients out with Journey. They'll put great everyday moments on the map.

Environment Classification

Journey automatically analyzes incoming sounds binaurally and adjusts the features and amplification to address that situation.

Noise is getting nowhere

Sophisticated directional systems hone in on the source of a sound and help reduce unwanted noise while Impulse Noise Reduction suppresses unanticipated sounds like clinking silverware or jangling keys. Soft Noise Reduction minimizes background distractions like a whirring fan or humming refrigerator, and Wind Noise Reduction makes time outdoors more enjoyable. ® The Adaptive Feedback Canceller which removes offending signals and attacks feedback before it starts.

Frequency that's going places

Frequency Transfer compresses high-frequency input and "shifts" it to frequencies with better hearing.

The power to take any path

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Features :

Journey is packed with features that let listeners focus on conversations and forget about hearing aid hassles.

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