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Beltone Legend 17/9/6- Wireless connection & Personal control hearing aid

Experience the state of art

The breakthrough features of Personal Sound ID delivers sound to your ears naturally, so you decide what to hear, not your hearing aids. Additionally, Beltone Legend allows you to get improved environmental awareness and rich sound experience.

Whoever you are and whatever matters most to you, you will be convinced that is the most adaptable premium hearing aids on the market!

No matter what environment you're in, your Beltone Legend will adapt!

A wide range of choices

Legend offers the flexibility to enjoy more environments and a wide variety of styles and models to fit your hearing.

Beltone Legend is designed to fit your ears, it's virtually invisible and comfortable and it comes in a variety of models to suit you perfectly.

Frequency Transfer compresses high-frequency input and "shifts" it to frequencies with better hearing to improve overall audibility of speech cues. This special feature is favorable for severe hearing loss patients.

Special dust and water protection

With protection from sweat, dust and water, wearers are guaranteed years of worry-free with Legend.

Wind noise reduction

If you catch a breeze, it's no need to worry because Beltone Legend is designed with built- in-wind-noise reduction.

Wireless connection & Personal control
Beltone Legend is truly your perfect match!
Features :

  • Asysmetrical Phone Handling
  • AudioPhone Enable
  • HearPlus™ app
  • Feedback Eraser™
  • HPF80 NanoBlock™
  • CrossLink Directionality
  • Ear to Ear Communication
  • Smart Beam
  • Smart Beam Steering
  • Smart Gain Pro
  • Sound Cleaner Pro
  • Speech Spotter
  • phụ kiện không dây 2.4 GHz

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