Getting the Best Fit Fast

Getting hearing instruments can be an emotional time for patients — some are excited, others feel anxious. And while a proper technical fit is essential, patients of every mindset want their fitting experience to focus on personal attention and advice. That’s where Sonic can help.

EXPRESSfit Fitting Software lets professionals take care of hearing aid adjustments quickly, and with remarkable accuracy. Not only does its aproach to fitting make the first fit process efficient, it helps minimize the need for future adjustments. Plus, the software’s simple and graphic interface streamlines the process. With EXPRESSfit, there’s less time spent at the keyboard, and more time discovering individual preferences, giving counsel, and answering questions.


  • Support for HI-PRO, NOAHlink, nEARcom, EXPRESSlink, and EXPRESSlink3 programming hardware

  • Access to industry-standard modern fitting rationales, like NAL-NL2 and DSL 5, as well as the recommended Sonic “Best Fit Fast” fitting algorithm

  • In Situ Audiometry allows measurement of hearing thresholds directly in the patient’s ear using their own instruments for a more specific acoustic experience

  • Easy-to-use preconfigured listening environments that make setting up the patients hearing aid for their specific needs quick and simple

  • Fitting tools that make adjusting fittings for real world listening situations easy

  • Data Analysis to help make quick fine-tuning decisions based on historical performance data


  • NOAH or Standalone versions

  • EXPRESSfit 2014 is used to program products using the Speech Variable Processing Technology Platform (e.g. Bliss, Charm, Pep, etc.)

  • EXPRESSfit 6.4 is used to program products using the Sonic Sound Processing Technology Platform (e.g. Velocity, ion, Endura, Pearl, etc.)

  • Older products – such as Adesso, Conforma, and Natura – can be programmed with EXPRESSfit 4.7

  • Order EXPRESSfit software through your Customer Service Representative, or download from this website for immediate access

The Best Fit, Fast
Software that streamlines fittings and
puts the focus on patients.
Hotline and Fitting Support

Contact your local Sonic office for support details.

Online and in-depth

If you’re in need of specialized help, an online support rep can access your computer remotely to demonstrate our software or walk you through an issue.

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