Programming Hardware

Whether you’ve already invested in standard cabled hardware or are enjoying new wireless equipment, Sonic keeps the focus on the patient. By supporting several different programming interfaces, the EXPRESSfit Fitting Software makes the fitting experience simple and stress-free, no matter what hardware you have.

Connecting a hearing aid to hardware is the last thing you want to be concerned about when fitting a patient. No worries with Sonic. All Sonic instruments accept New Standard #2 cables with a CS44 connector. And if you’re programming Bliss, Charm, or Flip devices, you can take advantage of their wireless connectivity when using cordless hardware like nEARcom. It’s one more way Sonic makes the fitting process simple for you—and a positive experience for your patients.

Supported Programming Interfaces:

  • NOAHlink
  • EXPRESSlink (EXPRESSfit 6.4 or earlier only)
  • EXPRESSlink3
  • nEARcom (wireless connectivity products only)
  • HI-PRO, USB HI-PRO, HI-PRO 2 (not recommended for EXPRESSfit 6.4)


  • All Sonic products are programmed with New Standard #2 programming cables with
    a CS44 connector.

Flex Strips:

  • All Sonic custom products are programmed using a flexible strip that connects the
    aid to the programming cable. Different products use different types of flex strips.

Connecting Hearing Aids to the EXPRESSfit Fitting System:

Flexibility in fittings
Whatever your fitting hardware, the
flexibility of EXPRESSfit is hard to beat.
Hotline and Fitting Support

Contact your local Sonic office for support details.

Online and in-depth

If you’re in need of specialized help, an online support rep can access your computer remotely to demonstrate our software or walk you through an issue.

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